Thanks for stumbling upon Farming For Bliss. Welcome to our adventures in urban farming and urban homesteading!


About the Property


Our backyard has been a number of things since Forest bought the property. It has been a bike park, an epic RC Car Track, and prior to us a bird sanctuary. For the last three years we have been in the process of turning the backyard into an urban homestead.


It started with one garden bed, then chickens, then a pond, and now today it’s getting closer to being built out each year. Our soil sucks, but we are working to amend it naturally. Our lot is fully shaded, so nothing should grow. We fumble our way through each season learning a little more each year. It’s our little quarter of an acre and we do what we can.


About Us

imageForest and Margaret live in the back house on his quarter of an acre. They have been together over 3 years and bonded over earthships. Forest is a full time dog walker and has worked as a contractor building and remodeling homes for over a decade and a half. Margaret is an author and writer about the sport of obstacle racing and extreme endurance events.

Together they foster their love for local food, sustainable living, and homesteading.





If there is a topic you are interested in feel free to contact us.

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