Happy Chickens, Happy Eggs

We have had a weird winter to say the least. Finally the night temperatures are below freezing. As we panic about the plants which came up prematurely one part of our backyard doesn’t seem to notice much, our chickens. They continue about their day as long as it’s sunny.


What is that in your hand?

If you would have told me a couple years ago that chickens would be one of the easiest pets I could have I would have laughed. But they are, I promise. Chickens are great on so many levels, we love them but know once egg laying is over they will end up in a crock pot. The cycle of life on a wannabe urban farm. I like to refer to those days as “chicken processing” sounds so much nicer than “killing” or “chopping their heads off” or other explanations. But that is part of the process and for another day.

Right now the water was moved into a sunny location to melt off the thin layer of ice, they are bathing in the dirt, rolling around and being overall just happy.


Water in the sun on a cold day.

I think if your chickens are happy then your eggs are too.  The ones you collect to eat have a special mojo to them. We get out of them what we give them, so if we give them a happy environment, great food, and a stress free life then I think we get a little extra in those eggs we eat for breakfast.


Buff doing her thing

Happy Chickens equals happy eggs in my book!

Do you agree?

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