Breaking the Paper Towel Habit


Recently a friend posted that one of her goals in 2015 was to break her paper towel habit. My immediate response was NO WAY but then I got thinking, why do I think this would be impossible. Do I really need that paper towel to clean everything or can it be achieved by a cloth alternative? Can we change our habits and possibly save some money in the process?

So I turned to Etsy to look for an alternative and found the store Generation Me which sold a pack of twelve “unpaper” towels for the reasonable $12.00 a pack. I went ahead and took the first step to breaking the consumption habit of paper towels and shortly a package was at our house. Yes, I could have made them myself but this was the easiest way to start.

As we are making this transition the next problem arose, where to keep them. I would drape them over the sink faucet only to find them on the counter, not drying.

IMG_0124-1So entered in one of this weekend’s projects finding a better solution to the faucet, our own “unpaper” towel holder/drier. I salvaged all the materials from around the house and used some old spray paint. The project took about 15 minutes of hands on time and already we are enjoying the outcome.

Small piece of scrap wood
3 clothes pins
Spray paint
Wood glue
2 screws


Measure out how you want to space the pins, then glue them down wiping away excess glue with a damp cloth or towel. Let dry and turn to another project.

When the wood glue is dry or dry enough the pins won’t move, spray paint however you like in an open area. Let dry.

Drill sink holes for the screws (optional) and screw into place above the sink or wherever you like in your kitchen. Project complete!

While we still have one roll of paper towels around the house for a few emergencies we have taken our first steps to reducing our consumption on the environment and reducing our use of paper products one sheet at a time.


3 thoughts on “Breaking the Paper Towel Habit

  1. Nice! I’m almost paper towel free. One “just in case” roll on hand. Any thoughts on breaking the plastic bag habit? I’m working on that.


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