What if the Joneses Became Sustainable Urban Farmers?

What if one day Mr. Jones decided to trade in his McMansion and Hummer for some muck boots and a straw hat?

And Mrs. Jones decided that it was time to leave her
stainless steel kitchen and fancy jewelry behind to begin raising chickens, rabbits and goats.
What if Mr. Jones’ daughter decided to no longer spend her time idolizing rich celebrities and shopping, and instead feel in love with plants, gardens, and nature?

And her brother decided to quit watching football and playing video games, so he could help his dad build an Earthship and a passive solar heat system.

Wait, would that make our economy collapse?…

If people don’t build big houses and buy expensive furniture, how will contractors and supply stores make any money?

If teenagers don’t go shopping and play video games, will companies be able to sell there products?

Would it force contractors to also become sustainable urban farmers?

Would companies have to come up with useful new products that these sustainable people would buy?


What if Mr. Jones created a web page that listed all laws and policies with a brief video that gave an unbiased two sided explanation of what was trying to be accomplished, and people could vote yes or no with the click of a button, excluding the need for political representatives, which in turn would end tax payers having to give there hard earned money to them?

Would the political representatives have to sell there third homes on Maui?

What if Mr. Jones made a documentary that was so thought provoking, that humanity couldn’t help but make all there churches into greenhouses and there golf courses into vegetable gardens, orchards, and farms, to create an over abundance of nutrient rich food for all the worlds people?

Would Monsanto lose there strong hold on farmers?

What if Mr. Jones devised a plan to spread high levels of education all across the planet, free of charge, to every person willing to learn?

Would a well educated humanity stop fighting wars and wasting resources?

What if someday, keeping up with the Joneses, actually became a good idea?

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